In fresh water aquariums water should be changed in every 15 days where as in marine aquariums 25% water should be changed every month. However it all depends on the size of the tank, population of the fish and filtering accessories fitted in your aquarium.

Fresh water: Goldfish should only be kept with members of its own species. Discus can stay with some big tetras, sharks and barbs. Flower Horn & Arowana cannot stay in the same tank. Marine water: Tangs can stay with each other. Limited number of Angel fish can also stay together in company of each other. Lion fish should not be kept with small fishes. The numbers of Tomato and Maroon Clown if kept together should not exceed more than a number.

For beginners Amazon, Giant Sagittaria, Mint, Aquarose & Banana Plants are best.

One or more symptoms can be identified on the fish if it’s infected. A white mucous like layering is formed on the body surface and at extreme times small round worms are seen on its body. If the tail of the fish seems to be broken then chances are that your fish is infected with some disease. Usually medicines for the same are available at aquarium shops

Prevent direct exposure to sunlight. Reduce the feeding by 30% and the number of hours you light up the aquarium. Change the water at regular intervals and administer some good medicines (available in tablets and fluids form) available in the market.

Liquid medicines are available in the market which prevents the growth of snails. Alternatively, you can also introduce some clown fish which feed on snails. Make sure you keep the water clean.

This is a very vast subject and differs from species to species. However, it can be identified through their body texture, gills and movement of fins.

The unit to measure salinity in oceanography is in parts per thousand (‰) which is approximately grams of salt present in 1 kilogram of solution. The ideal level of salinity should be 1.020‰ to 1.023‰

Your tap water must be contaminated with high levels of chlorine. Contamination of chlorine in water is a common phenomenon in India. De-chlorinating agents are available in almost every aquarium shop. Secondly never use any detergent or soap while cleaning your tank.

Freshwater: Sharks, Cichlids & Catfish Marine water: Lionfish, Clownfish & Tangs

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