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Hectic lifestyles have become a common phenomenon in today's society. More than eight hour work days are on a rise in the corporate world. With fast paced lifestyles comes increased stress. A confirmed method for soothing stress is to maintain a serene aquarium.

Studies have confirmed that watching aquarium fish soothes children that suffer from hyperactivity. Dental patients who were allowed to observe an aquarium prior to treatment experienced the same benefits as patients who underwent hypnosis. They also required limited medication after having aquarium fishes in the office premises prior to treatment. Studies have also proved that patients with Alzheimer's experienced health benefits after they installed aquariums in their houses.

Therapeutic aquariums are rapidly gaining popularity these days. They are aesthetically decorated fish tanks that are set up with the aim of providing a visually and mentally soothing effect to the observer. These tanks are different from the normal fish tanks in their setup and use. These fish tanks are used as therapeutic mediums for those suffering from mental or physical illness. They can be used to provide relaxation or mental stimulation. Different fish have different movements, some have shuddering movements, some move arbitrarily, some slide slowly, while some move in a group. Fishes are then accordingly chosen as per the requirement of the patient. For a hyperactive child, slow moving fish or fish that move in a fleet works best. For depressed or terminally ill patients, fish that are fast moving or bright coloured fish with swaying tail movements have proved beneficial.

The apparent benefits of aquariums have ignited a trend in aquarium purchases for schools, doctor's offices, and large corporations. The introduction of an aquarium creates a serene environment that calms school aged children and increases productivity and creative thinking among corporate executives.


When we talk about wellness, we are referring to the perfect harmony of your physical, professional and personal lives through the ancient art of Feng Shui which involves cryptic placements of things at appropriate places. Feng shui aquariums are not merely an attractive addition to any office or home but are praised as an origin of wealth Chi. These aquariums offer a perfect balance of the five elements of feng shui.
• The water element is the water in the aquarium.
• The wood component consists of plants.
• The metal component is considered as the housing of the aquarium.
• The earth element is the gravel or any rocks placed at the bottom of your aquarium.
• The fire element is considered the lighting and can also actually come from the colours of a certain fish.

The perfect location for an aquarium like this is in the Southeast part of your room or space. This is actually the area that is connected with riches and abundance. That is double the wealth energy flowing through that area. The most usual fish to put into a feng shui aquarium are your basic goldfish or koi. They have a pleasant colour and are also very energetic. The dragon fish can be used in feng shui aquariums also but they can be pretty expensive.

Make sure one of your fish is black in colour and don't get more than 10 fish in your tank. As with any living creatures, do not forget to clean and maintain your feng shui aquarium so that it can continue to bring you positive energy. You want to make sure to get rid of dead fishes immediately to keep all of the plants alive, green, and healthy.


Nowadays majority of the houses/flats are not structured with correct Vaastu resulting major loss to the owner. To derive best financial benefits, keeping aquarium is one of the best remedy. To ward off the negative effects and enhance good luck in the house, aquarium is one of the best ways.

In Vaastu terms, moving water brings prosperity and good luck to the home. Water fountains and aquariums are great feng shui enhancements because they are at the same time soothing and energizing. The sound and motion of gurgling water activates chi and adds humidity to a dry room, helping to balance chi. Moving water gets things going when the chi has been inactive for a while (think of ice melting in the spring).

To reap best results out of your aquarium, here are few things which you must keep at the back of your mind simply because Vaastu follows the simple logic of “Thoughts becoming things.”

INTENTION — As you set up your fountain or aquarium, stay focused on your intention to activate your success, prosperity, or career advancement, or whatever your specific goal you have set.

AFFIRMATION — When you are done, make a statement to support your intention, such as: “Water now flows and nourishes this space, bringing loads of prosperity to me and my family.”

VISUALIZATION — Take a few moments to sit by your new fountain or fish tank, and visualize the water chi bringing vitality and prosperity to your home. Imagine the benefits your new aquarium is going to bring, and picture all your goals as if it has already been accomplished.

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