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For fresh water aquariums you can choose from a wide range of plans where you have to service your aquarium either thrice, twice or once in a month. The choice is up to you. This is what you can expect of our services.

• One Service: If you own a relatively smaller tank (approximately 3 feet) one service is enough to let your fish live in harmony for the whole month. At any point of time during the month if you feel that your aquarium would need a top up service, you can avail the same with a simple ‘pay-per-visit’ service.

• Two Services: Two services are recommended for tanks which are bigger than 3 feet and above. This service is recommended for establishments like 3 star hotels, hospitals and corporate offices. At any point after the first or second service you can go for a pay-per-visit service.

• Three Services/Weekly Services: If you own a massive tank which usually goes 5 feet and above then it’s recommended to go for three to four services in a given month. Usually 5 star hotels and big MNCs go for these services.

• Pay per Visit: This service is only available for fresh water aquariums where you can pay us for cleaning and maintenance of the aquarium on that given visit. Our professional will come to your door step and after thoroughly inspecting the aquarium; he will help you to pick and choose the kind of service you would like to avail for your aquarium.

• 4 month contract: You can also go for a complete 4 month contract for your aquarium and if required you can also insure the life of your fishes at an extra cost. If any fish dies due to poor hygiene or low maintenance then we shall provide you a complete replacement of the fish.

There is lot of nitty-gritty involved in maintaining a marine aquarium, but not impossible if it’s well looked after under the guidance of an expert aquarist. Finally, marine tanks are not only in fashion these days, it’s also a newly discovered hobby for those who take it as a challenge to look after some of the most beautiful creatures of oceans which was never possible a decade ago. We at Sheetal Aquarium posses all the technical expertise and know what it takes to ensure all marine creatures to live in perfect harmony.

It’s imperative to maintain a clean and hygienic environment in your aquarium. If the environment is not balanced it could lead to a number of health problems for fishes and other aquatic life forms. Don’t worry. Just leave it on us and we shall ensure that you get the best services as per your budget and requirements. We have a bunch of trained professionals who could provide you services at your doorstep like cleaning the whole tank, maintaining the pH value, salinity check (in case of marine aquariums), Vastu guidance and a gist of other services.

Unlike fresh water tanks the maintenance structure is quite different. As a thumb rule, maintaining a marine tank usually follows in 3 phases.

• 1st Phase: Evaluating the pH balance of the marine aquarium, cleaning the surface of glasses and removal of other waste & bacterial deposits. Post this all the necessary salts and additives are added to the water to maintain the perfect nitrate and pH balance

• 2nd Phase: Replacing 25% of water from the aquarium

• 3rd Phase: Cleaning all the exterior and interior filters of the aquarium which will ensure that the water is not contaminated by any chance

Please note:
• Maintenance of marine aquariums is not available on pay-per-visits

• A minimum of 6 month contract is necessary to undertake any kind of maintenance work

• Under complete maintenance scheme we shall provide everything required to keep your aquarium in pink of its health. This scheme also includes fishes, lights, plants, fish food and everything that comes under this scheme. All you have to do is pay us a fixed amount every month & we shall take care of all the things

• 100% advance payment should be made at the time of signing the contract

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